Thank you, Joe Goode

We loved having Joe Goode Performance Group at The Dance Center for a full and generous two-week residency!  And we hated to see them all head back to San Francisco last Sunday for we feel as if in many ways we are a second home to this wonderful ensemble.  From their first arrival to work on The Resilience Project to the final moment on closing night of Hush, the residency touched many lives and reminded us once again of what wonderful dance theater JGPG brings when they come our way.

Hush was the latest example of the elegant, inventive and tender work that Joe creates with his ensemble.  It’s no small task to take on subjects such as how we “hush” ourselves over desperately difficult experiences and yet sustain artistry, beauty and a certain postmodern irony in contemporary dance theater. With Joe Goode’s work, we keep coming back to the same word over and over:  human.  In this case using the skills and contributions of the performers as well as the wonderful work of Joe’s artistic collaborators, composer Ben Juodvalkis and foley artist Sudhu Tewari, Hush indeed “roared.”  And of course here within The Dance Center faculty and students, we were overjoyed to see long-time faculty member Liz Burritt back in action with JGPG, after a long hiatus of working here in Chicago and teaching in our program.

Thank you Joe & everyone! You all rocked. Come back to Chicago soon.

Next up:  Michael Sakamoto and Rennie Harris, in Flash.




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