Thank You, Urban Bush Women!


IMG_0671The week-long residency and presentation of Urban Bush Women’s Walking with ‘Trane ended triumphantly this past Saturday night. Thank you to Jawole, dancers, musicians, tech and admin teams, and also to our terrific technical leadership and crew at The Dance Center for a rich, heartfelt and ferociously performed work! Our audiences loved it and our students came away challenged and inspired.

We thank also our community partners at Links Hall, Striding Lion, and Red Clay Dance Company and Red Clay Dance Youth Ensemble for their participation in the residency week of activities and events. Over the course of the residency, four community events and exchanges were conducted in three different locations around the city, in addition to the half-dozen classes that UBW company members taught right here in The Dance Center with our students and faculty. In addition, we hosted groups from Northwestern University and Ayodele Drum and Dance, and two high schools here in Chicago (ChiArts Academy and Jones Prep) for performances.   On a weekend when tons of dance was going on across the city, we were definitely one of the places to be.

One of the reasons we love working with Urban Bush Women, and have brought them back to Chicago so many times, is – of course – the high quality of the work they bring to the stage. Their commitment to bringing forward, through the creation of beautifully-performed dance theater, the stories and experiences of peoples often marginalized or left out of mainstream cultural visibility and discourse is not just admirable, it is essential to the manifestation of a society that can and does affirm and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. Walking with ‘Trane is the company’s newest completed and performed testimony to their mission. We are proud to be a presenting organization that can help put this work, as art and as social advocacy, into circulation.

So we bid our dear friends from UBW farewell with all good wishes for continued success and more glorious dancing. May they return to our fair Lake Michigan shores before too long.

Next we prepare for another company that always brings exceptional, and exceptionally felt, dance theater to our stage: Joe Goode Performance Group.




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